Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Microsoft will buy RIM (Blackberry)

Probability: 70%

Timeline: 5 years

Ok, this is a pretty bold prediction, but one that has been discussed a lot.

Google and Apple have been eating away at RIM's (or "Blackberry" as most people know them) market share slowly but surely.

Microsoft, meanwhile, knows that the future is all about mobile, but has failed over and over again in this realm.

Have a look at the graph here:

So the great MBA logic here will be to combine the two, and take advantage of "synergies."

It sort of makes sense, considering there is a huge link between RIM and Microsoft. They are both very "corporate" and their products are often maintained by the same IT department.

Bonus prediction: Synergies aside, the merger will slow down and hurt both companies, and their market share will fall even faster.


  1. This is probably true... I mean the 2 companies in the world that make the blandest, most mundane and slowest-evolving products on the market are pretty much made for each other.

    Together, there are no limits to the blandness that they could bring to the mobile market!

  2. Apologies to friends working at both companies, but I have to both laugh at, and agree with Kevin's comment :)